Education is not your Certificate

Education is not about the certificate you hold rather your attitude, actions and behaviour towards other people in real life. The way you carry yourself about speaks better of you than the words you author. How do you act in public? Our attitudes and the actions we take always tell the public who we are. Learn to behave nicely in public, private and personal.

The action they say speaks louder than words. We must act in the situation and not react. We must think twice before we act on something. We should let our attitude and behaviour speak for us in the absent of our certificate. Certification does not guarantee a job nowadays. Networking is what matters now. Be on guard in order not to step on other’s toes in the cost of discharging your duties.

Knowing who you are will help you connect with people who share the same dreams with you. Know what you want to accomplish in life and solicit for assistance. Don’t feel too big to approach people. Put your ego and pride aside and seek assistance in all that you wish to do because many are in such field you wish to be now.

Humble yourself, seek assistance and make connections with others because your certificate alone can’t fetch you job today.

Leticia Ewusi.