Factors Parents Should Consider When Choosing An Early Childhood Centre For Their Children

There are a lot of factors parents and guardians need to consider before taking their wards to any early childhood centre. The following factors must be deemed important to every parent and guardians.

First and foremost, the location of the school should be convenient and safe for you the parent and the child as well. A school that is situated in an isolated area can be very dangerous and risky. This is because since the place is an isolated area a lot of unpleasant deals and activities may take place there which will be harmful to you and your child. Criminals can attack you while taking your child to school or going to pick your child from the centre. Also, a centre that is very close to factories that operates under harmful and toxic is not advisable for your ward to attend.

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Secondly, the staff at the school must be another factor to consider. The staff in every good early childhood centre should have good personal skills, oral and written communication skills. Staff must be able to relate well with their colleagues and parents of their children. They must have the ability to explain and present ideas in clear language to a diverse audience. Staff should have command over the language they write in to effectively communicate with their audience.

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Thirdly, the curriculum is also a key factor to be considered. A good ECE centre runs a comprehensive curriculum which seeks to develop children holistically. The holistic development includes physical, social, moral, emotional and cognitive. The curriculum is planned in such a way that all the above aspect of the child’s development and learning are taken care of.

Lastly, the environment and the facilities of the school should also not be left out. Every good ECE Center must have a good environment devoid of threat where everyone in such a place will be safe and comfortable. The facilities should have good space, furniture and infrastructure that can accommodate all children and staff of the school.

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To summarize, every parent and guardian should measure the quality of ECE centre through the evaluation of the location, staff, curriculum and the facilities available. Children will grow to be better citizens of the nation if taken to the right centre.

Leticia Ewusi