The Testimony

Life is always full of ups and downs. Starting small does not make you a small person and also to set a big target does not guarantee you as a big person. How you start will determine your end. Stand up and do something meaning for your life. Do not depend on others too much for your daily bread. When you always look up to others for everything they see you as a burden. To manage your life and make a life for yourself. Seek the opinion of others to better your ways rather than seeing you be a burden.

Do not put all your trust in men. Human beings are full of disappointment and can’t provide all that they will promise to give. Since a little drop of water makes the mighty ocean, do the little that you can on your own so that someone will come to your aid and support you. Idle people are always tasked by the devil. Please let the devil not find a job for you. Put in all your effort and strength and you will be rewarded.

Lets your work speak on your behalf even in your absence. Create a world where people will usually testify that you tried your best even if things did not work out. Maintain a standard that others may see and testify that indeed you really forced. Leave a legacy that others will find something worthy to say about. Any opportunity that will come your way, make good use of it. Don’t take chances for granted. As human to add value to other peoples lives when the need arises for you to do that. A self-centred life is good but the last opportunity you get to try and add value to others lives and you will live as the happiest man forever.

Finally, do your best, seek assistance when necessary and add value to other people lives.

Leticia Ewusi.